A diverse world of printed industrial textiles.

Printable is globally recognised for its high quality printed and coated industrial textiles. The unique characteristics of our coating have opened up new possibilities for outdoor and hard-wearing applications. Applications that couldn’t have been realised in the past, either because quality could not live up to the requirements or because maintenance costs would run out of control as the fabrics would look shabby within years.

Our coating, initially developed for truck-curtains, proved that high grade graphics and high grade resistance to wear and tear can coexist. Up to this day our ‘recipe’ for printed textiles is unrivalled when it comes to durability and the warranty on appearance.

New applications

In the past few years, we have developed many printed textiles for different applications, such as roofings, event-tents, inflatables, project furniture, bicycle bags and beer-bags (yes seriously). During these projects we noticed that our textiles were chosen for various reasons.

The most obvious one is the high print quality and UV resistance, which ensure beautiful colours that do not fade. But our product was also selected for its resistance to the adherence of bacteria and algae, to create a healthier environment. Costs were another reason to choose our product, since textile can create an economical benefit compared to other materials, for example in facade architecture or by reducing maintenance and cleaning costs compared to other textiles.

Extensive tests

For every application and in close collaboration with our suppliers, we have extensively tested our product to guarantee the high quality on appearance and behaviour. This is important, because our inks and the textiles change the composition during the coating process. This results into a new fabric and changing characteristics. During the tests we found that most fabrics even got better characteristics after the coating process than the initial product.