A mere 10 minutes away from the Puy du Fou historic theme park, the Château de la Barbinière in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre is where design and refinement meet in an unspoilt countryside. The park of 13 hectares deploys its architecture in a natural and calm environment. 

Printed fabric

Attached to the main building, ACS Production made the expansion with a textile facade, in line with its surrounding. Although modern, and in contrast with the historical building, the effect is one of taste and class. It is a clever solution to hide the technical/work area to visitors and keep the area looking pristine. Printable was chosen for their print quality and unique coating that offers a 10 year unlimited warranty on appearance. This is unprecedented in the world of printed architectural fabrics.

Project Description

Project Chateau de la Barbinière
Location F-85290 Saint-Laurent-sur- Sèvre
Substrate Sioen T 2302 FE
Quantity 400 m2
Year 2017
Installer ACS Production

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