This textile facade, placed in front of the physical glass facade works like a second skin.

The membrane provides solar protection for the building, favouring energy savings and reducing operating costs. It also ensures the privacy of the occupants of the premises, while maintaining a good vision to the outside. The facade becomes a real communication tool situated against the highway, highlighting the Cheops brand and the aesthetic aspect of the building.

The Frontside View 381 membrane of Serge Ferrari was selected as the mesh medium for printing by Printable. This mesh was tested against the printing and coating technique of Printable. This unique varnish and coating is specially designed to resist UV, ensures long-term colour resistance, enabling the product to be guaranteed for 10 years.

Project Description

Project Cheops Technology
Location F-33610 Canéjan
Substrate Serge Ferrari Frontside View 381
Quantity 1400m2
Year 2017
Installer Buitink Technology

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