Parking garages are enormous buildings that are being build in an efficient way and with low cost structures in mind. Often placed in central areas in town, architects are struggling to balance cost against the appearance of the construction from the street. More and more we see that printed tensile structures deliver a solution for this dilemma. This newly build parking garage in Delmenhorst Germany was fitted with prints of landmarks from the surrounding area, making the building friendlier towards its environment and visitors. Because of the simple but sustainable construction techniques, these great effects can be achieved at low costs and require short lead times. The appearance will be durable for a guaranteed long period of time. 

Printable has extensive experience with parking garages and regulations of tensile textiles, such as the differences in the regulated open weave percentages that vary from country to country. They offer a wide range of technical membranes from renowned manufacturers that can be printed with any design.

Project Description

Project City Parkhaus
Location D-27749 Delmenhorst
Substrate Serge Ferrari Frontside View 381
Quantity 245 m2
Year 2018
Installer EPS-Systems

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