An artistic expression or sun and heat protection? Both! The Breton artist Sophie Chédeville chose a smart solution for the Communauté des communes van de regio Le Lion-d’Angers in France. By using industrial textile, the natural light can still enter the sports centre, whilst annoying reflections and warmth are being blocked. The 46 meter open weave textile facades are build by Rault SARL. The artist used the enormous canvas to represent the sports performances. The background are typical colors of the Loire landscape. The canvas serves as a sunshade (full glass wall on the south side), but also as a visual feature to make it clear at a glance that it is a sports complex.

Project Description

Project Salle Paulette-Fouillet
Location FR 49220 Le Lion-d’Angers
Substrate FT381
Quantity 465 m2
Year 2019
Contractor Rault SARL