We love this design of the facade of this school (Ecole Cour Lorraine) in Mulhouse France. The building has been fitted with our mesh fabric with a custom design printed on it. The textile facade blocks the sunlight and controls the climate inside without obstructing the view outwards. For more examples and information about our 10 year warranty on appearance.

Project description

Project Ecole Cour de Lorraine
Location F-68100 Mulhouse
Substrate Serge Ferrari Frontside View 381
Quantity 195m2
Year 2017
Installer ACS Production

Tensile architecture
Printable coated canvasses offer the ideal facade textile architecture and sunscreen for architects. The high-tech technical printed textile offers countless creative opportunities. The textile can be printed with any design, pattern or colour, to unrivalled quality, producing stunning full-surface colours.
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Schüco International KG

Schüco produces high end solutions for windows, doors and façades around te globe. For their head office in Germany, Printable printed the substrate for the textile façade mounted on their “FACID” façade system. The result is not only an eye catching facelift of their office building, but also a great reference of how the FACID extrusions can be applied. To promote this system, the highest quality was demanded. Printable delivers unrivalled usp’s on printed and coated substrates.

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VRT Reyerstoren

The Tour de France has started. The Grand Départ started in Brussels last weekend and was celebrated during that whole week. Printable printed the textile to create the eye-catching transformation of the 87 mtr. VRT Reyerstoren - celebrating Eddy Merckx. Of course we are happy to see that the beautiful yellow reflected on our Dutch cyclists 🙂 We wish the Tour de France a great edition!

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Textile facade for PIA Automation Headquarters

PIA Automation opened their new plant in Bad Neustadt. A key visual aspect of the new building complex is the branded facade. The frontage showing the corporate identity and slogan 'We Automate Your World' on an 1.000 square meter mesh material that will be visible from a huge distance.

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Soproréal (L'Oréal)

For Soproréal, a production facility of L'Oréal, some of the outdoor machinery needed to be protected against dust and more hidden from the eye. With a subtle pattern printed on this hard-wearing textile, you would hardly notice this is a textile solution.

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NEC Birmingham

For the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham (NEC), Base Structures delivered a 3-Dimensional fabric facade and printed over-cladding that are part of the revitalisation and redevelopment of the centre. The new design has 37 pyramid translucent structures with specially sandwiched panels between the pyramids as a series of vibrant colour panels. These colours were carefully designed and also used in the corporate identity. Being part of the permanent installation, obviously, the perseverance of colour is very important to NEC. The unlimited 10 years warrantee ensures it will stay in perfect condition for years to come.

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City-parkhaus Delmenhorst

Parking garages are enormous buildings that are being build in an efficient way and with low cost structures in mind. Often placed in central areas in town, architects are struggling to balance cost against the appearance of the construction from the street. More and more we see that printed tensile structures deliver a solution for this dilemma.

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Hanos stopt met verkoop blauwe bananen

Voor horeca-groothandel Hanos is de reputatie van haar producten voor de horeca logischerwijs van belang. Hanos heeft dan ook gezocht naar de beste kwaliteit om te voorkomen dat het voedsel aan de gevel langzaam tot tweederangs producten degradeert.

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Fabrics printed in solid (RAL) colors

Printable offers an answer for architectural substrates that are needed in custom solid colors. Our on demand printing technique enables us to match any desired color, e.g. RAL colors, quickly produced and for any quantity without restrictions.

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Partners Healthcare Parking Garage

Partners HealthCare is a Boston-based non-profit hospital and physicians network that includes Brigham and Women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, two of the nation's most prestigious teaching institutions. After many years of being scattered across more than a dozen offices in and around Boston, Partners HealthCare’s administrative employees are coming together under one roof and that needed a huge parking garage. Printable was asked to deliver the printed substrate for the facade based on the proof of durability on image and resistance to extreme weather conditions.

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Chateau de la Barbinière

Château de la Barbinière in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre is where design and refinement meet in an unspoilt countryside. The park of 13 hectares deploys its architecture in a natural and calm environment. Attached to the main building, ACS Production made this expansion with a textile facade. The design is in line with its surrounding. It is a clever solution to hide the technical/work area to visitors and keep the area looking pristine.

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Cheops Technology

Printable delivered the printed substrate of the textile facade for Cheops Technology located in the periphery of Bordeaux

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Charleroi Danse Theatre

The Charleroi Danse Theatre was installed in 2014 and these shots were made in 2018. The facade architecture textile is characterised by its printed surface. Printed on-demand, our substrates achieve the best hard-wearing resistance combined with freedom of choice in design and ideas this is the reason The Ateliers Jean Nouvel and MDW architecture chose for our membrame.

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Sense City

A good example of our façade fabric. The Sense City climate chamber @ Université Paris-Est. Sense-City is a climate chamber that can cover two 400m² areas. On each of these areas, a portion of territory is built on, called a Mini-City, equipped with many sensors to study the performance of facilities and urban materials, monitor the city of tomorrow by sending appropriate information, study air, water and soil pollution

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KU13 Sneakerbox

The KU13-Store in Kulmbach opened in September 2018. Printed on our open weave substrates. This interior lights create a playful mix with the graphic designs on the textile facade.

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Fricke - Saphir

The Fricke - Saphir Building in Bockel, Germany was renewed in 2013 and holds a retail shop for their products. The vulnerability and the exposure to nature were key in this project. Long time relationships between printer, confectioner and producer of the technical textile, lead to the right solution.

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Casino Pleinair

A surprising application of our robust textile substrates: the Casino Pleinair in La Ciotat near Marseille. This outdoor casino has amusing roofs that look like casino tokens. The roofs are printed on a closed substrate and coated. Our unique coating is able to resist the Southern France UV radiance without discolouring for more than 10 years.

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Cité internationale de la tapisserie

We can hardly think of a better reference than being selected for our textiles for facade architecture of the Cité internationale de la tapisserie (Museum of Aubusson tapestry). Located halfway between Clermont-Ferrand and Limoges, this major centre for artistic craft and a skill dating back to the Middle Ages, the Aubusson tapestry was listed as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

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Zeven redenen om te kiezen voor textiel in architectuur

Virpi Heybroek, een van de ontwerpers van het Nederlandse paviljoen voor de World Expo, is gefascineerd door textiel in architectuur. Voor haar master Architectuur onderzocht ze de mogelijke toepassingen van textiel in architectuur en deelde haar inzichten in een overzichtelijk verslag. Wij vonden dit een inspirerend onderzoek!

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Poligenius Private Schule

Poligenius Private Schule. Printable delivered the substrate for the sports hall of the Poligenius Private Schule. A prefabricated timber construction hall with all the advantages of the material: constructive, sustainable, economical, precise and lightweight. The light facade construction has a subtle pattern in the bright energetic green and text printed on the substrate. Overall the facade gives a powerful and pleasant appearance.

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