For the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham (NEC), Base Structures delivered a 3-Dimensional fabric facade and printed over-cladding that are part of the revitalisation and redevelopment of the centre. The new design has 37 pyramid translucent structures with specially sandwiched panels between the pyramids as a series of vibrant colour panels. These colours were carefully designed and also used in the corporate identity. Being part of the permanent installation, obviously, the perseverance of colour is very important to NEC. The unlimited 10 years warrantee ensures it will stay in perfect condition for years to come.

Besides the permanent installation, Printable also delivers the more temporal applications in the installation needed when the centre communicates the current exhibition. Although the perseverance of the image is of less importance for these applications, the quality of appearance is still a defining factor for NEC to choose Printable as their supplier.

Base Structures in Bristol (UK) is one of the leading contractors for bespoke tensile architecture. Their expertise also enables them to provide specialist design and build services to the creative industries. Whenever projects are requested that need a unique design printed on textiles, Printable is their principle supplier because of the quality and unique warrantees that are given on the perseverance and appearance of the industrial mesh. Printable can deliver this warrantee because of their unique coating recipe that has been durable tested and proven in live.

Project Description

Project The NEC
Location UK-B40 1NT Birmingham
SubstrateSattler Polyplan 648
Quantity 3360 m2
Year 2018
Installer Base Structures UK Ltd.

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