Poligenius Private Schule. Printable delivered the substrate for the sports hall of the Poligenius Private Schule. A prefabricated timber construction hall with all the advantages of the material: constructive, sustainable, economical, precise and lightweight. The light facade construction has a subtle pattern in the bright energetic green and text printed on the substrate. Overall the facade gives a powerful and pleasant appearance.

Floating on top of the existing kindergarten, it enables direct connection to the existing school on the first floor. The warm, natural atmosphere of the wooden components (wooden panel walls, laminated timbers, planking, wooden ceiling) invites children and young people to enjoy sport and play in a pleasant way.

Project Description

Project Poligenius Private Schule
Location D-89075 ULM
Substrate Sioen T2302FE
Quantity 500m2
Year 2016
Installer Stegmaier

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