For industries, textile constructions can be a solution to hide, partition, arrange, store or shelter industrial objects. At the same time, it can offer better acoustic or thermal insulation, dust containment, etc. These high-tech textiles that are industrial fire rated and are much lighter and easier to deploy than alternative constructions.

Matching the environment

For Soproréal, a production facility of L’Oréal, some of the outdoor machinery needed to be protected against dust and hidden from the eye. With the subtle pattern printed on this hard-wearing textile, you would hardly notice this is a textile solution. The plating texture matches the industrial environment. After the printing process the textile was coated with our unique coating to give the complete textile its hard wearing protection against the weather, dust, algae and UV radiation, ensuring to maintain its great appearance for over 10 years.



Project Description

Project Soproréal
Location 93600 Aulnay sur Bois
SubstrateSioen T2302FE
Quantity 370 m2
Year 2019
Installer ACS Production

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