For swimming pool ‘Binnenzee’ in Noordwijk (Netherlands) our technical printed textures offer an aesthetical and practical solution. Besides the aesthetical purpose, the textile also reduces the noise for visitors that make use of the interior pools.

Printable was selected for the project because of our coating characteristics that protect the printed textile. For the application, the coating protects against the growth of mold on the textile due to the closed structure of the PU coating. This characteristic is important when used in the (damp) interior of the pool area.

Not only does the interior textile add a positive note to the architectural design by its custom print. The use of open weave suspended textile from the ceiling significantly distorts and absorbs the sound waves coming from the pool area and reduces the noise level. Overall, it is a good example of practical and aesthetical use.

Project Description

Project Swimming Pool Binnenzee
Location NL-2202HA Noordwijk
Substrate Mehler TF400
Quantity 500m2
Year 2014
Installer PolyNed