Did you know that most of the obstacles on the Wipeout tracks are fitted with our printed textiles? Obviously, these tracks are truly tested by weather conditions, water and algae, sand and dirt, physical stress and – euh humans if they manage to stay on the obstacle. It is a perfect sample of our PU coating withstanding the toughest conditions.

About Wipeout

It all started in 2009 with a tv show and the official Dutch Wipeout parcours was built 6 years ago in The Netherlands by the Holland Evenementen Group and Endemol Shine Group. Currently Wipeout has several locations that are finalized or will be realised in countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Philippines, Las Vegas, Ireland, Kuala Lumpur, France, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and Las Vegas.

Similar projects

Printed tent fabrics on demand

Festivals, food-fests, glampings and campings, we can't get enough of it. And they all share the same roof... tents. Tents are hot! Be it a gigantic tent for a festival audience or a private textile roof for two. Printable delivers printed on demand tent fabrics.

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Don't sweat it!

These custom made Atila punching bags are becoming the fashion. Again the versatility of our uniquely coated textiles is proving its value. Sustaining thousands of hits, these bags don't break a sweat and stay in perfect condition. The custom made print will not be damaged.

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Strandstoel XXL (Beach chair XXL)

These giant beach chairs are a real eye-cacher and a load of fun! The beach chairs of (the original) Strandstoel XXL are used for promotion at festivals and events. The giant billboards offer great photo opportunities for brands and instant succes by promotion on social networks.

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Cartoon Festival Knokke-Heist

This beachside event tent in Knokke-Heist (Belgium) hosts the annual Cartoon Festival. The tent is printed by Printable. This tent not a typical example of our durability, since it will be used for only two months. Although... did you know that a lot of these materials are being recycled into other products that do benefit from our durable lifecycle for our printed textiles? A good example are the Clarijs ReCycle bags, but also outdoor furniture makes use of recycled prints. So who knows? ... you might find parts of this tent cycling around Knokke-Heist for years to come!

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Clarijs reCYCLEbags

Not only trucks make use of our Solidskin canvas for the preservation of appearance during transportation. Also Clarijs uses our printed and coated canvas for their (cycle)bags and bakfiets covers. Like trucks these bags are subject to extreme use and weather conditions and need to withstand the test of time. Printable delivers their custom printed and printed serie productions with our renowned quality. Clarijs also creates bags from our leftover materials to create a more sustainable bag with surprisingly funny result.

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Spring is in the air

This air trampoline in Appelscha is played upon by thousands of kids every year that will bend and fold the fabric. The coating stays flexible and will not crack, so no dirt can enter the textile and damage the print and make it look dirty. The special coating insures that the colours will be as powerful and attracting in the coming years as they are now.

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Hanos stopt met verkoop blauwe bananen

Voor horeca-groothandel Hanos is de reputatie van haar producten voor de horeca logischerwijs van belang. Hanos heeft dan ook gezocht naar de beste kwaliteit om te voorkomen dat het voedsel aan de gevel langzaam tot tweederangs producten degradeert.

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ELI Play

ELI Play is a supplier and manufacturer of surprising and versatile indoor playgrounds in-house. Printable contributes to this quality by supplying the printed and coated textiles for their equipment. The printed designs are of great importance to the experience of the playground. An easily overlooked benefit is the unique coating that protects the print and textile. This not only make ELI Play playgrounds fun, it makes it safer and hygienic.

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These giant interactive billboards are customised to fit the brand. Printable printed these robust covers for BigAirBag. Both companies share their pride on the high definition digital print, the use of innovate materials and durability of appearance. With over a 1000 installations worldwide in the past 10 years, the unrivalled quality and durability on these product has been proved.

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Swimming pool Binnenzee

For swimming pool 'Binnenzee' in Noordwijk (Netherlands) our technical printed textures offer an aesthetical and practical solution. Besides the aesthetical purpose, the textile also reduces the noise for visitors that make use of the interior pools.

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